MRI Technologist VS. Radiologic Technologist
Comparison Between Radiology and MRI Tech


I am a radiologic technologist, I like working in mammography because it was my mission from the beginning to a mammography nurse, a very high number of patients we had to examine every day is the main challenge I have, so I need to perform the examination quickly, accurately and with as little as comfort as a woman as possible, the mammofusion is very good for every day mammography with high patients CT scan and image quality, mammofusion is fast, we perform up to eighty studies per day so the speed and the use of the system is essential, the preparation time is short, it is easy to use.


The images appear very quickly, the theme detector and the compression plates make positioning very easy, the single touch to move the system into their position is really good, we already have that inspiration and the use of the system is identical so it is quick, the system is also very quiet and I like the design, the simulation is fast and more comfortable for the patient, I can recommend mammofusion, it is fast and easy to use with excellent image quality, positioning is easy and comfortable for the patient and we have had a long very positive experience.

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