Radiologic Technologist Vs. MRI Technologist
Comparison Between Radiology Tech and MRI Tech

What are the Perks of Radiology Technician Career?

I have been in this for twenty years and I have worked just about every shift there is so now on Monday through Friday, I don’t have to work holidays but when I was first graduating, I took an eleven to seven shift because that was more conducive to my lifestyle.

My schedule is a Monday through Friday job, no weekends, every other holiday or maybe every third holiday. The hospital is always open twenty four seven, they never have their doors closed. If you’re not a morning person, work a night shift, if you’re not an afternoon person, you can work a day shift, or let’s say you want five days off during the week, you get to work weekends so that’s a big perk about working in a hospital in the healthcare field as a radiology technician is you really have a great flexibility in your schedule of what you can do, what shift you want to work.


Perks of the job of radiologic technology, flexible shifts, flexible hours, currently right now I work, most of my hours over the weekend which is bad if you like having weekends off but I like having Monday through Friday pretty much off, I spend that with my family.

You don’t have to take any of your work home with you, so you can literally clock in, do your job, take care of patients, make sure they’re having the proper exams done and then at the end of the day, you can leave and not have to worry about tomorrow’s job. A lot of people don’t have that job in their work, they have to go home, answer their E mails, have it interrupt with their family time, things like that, I’ll have to worry about that, have a really good separate personal life, something fun outside of work that I can do and not have to worry about my work involving with it.

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